AquaBox Design and Innovation

AquaBox Design and Innovation

By Pam Tavares

DESIGN (noun), is to create things of value for human need. Good design creates positive changes utilizing modern methods and materials to fulfill a need. AquaBox® is ART inspired, meeting consumer need and demand. AquaBox® is good design.

INNOVATION (noun), changes of an assumed common item, readdresses the item to provide increased value, renewal, refreshment and economic worth. The goal of innovation is to provide positive change while adding performance, value and style. “Modern innovation” is useful application of earth’s materials for a modern, more substainable system. Innovation is considered a major driver of the economy, especially when it leads to new product categories or increasing productivity providing dominate economic value, spurring growth. AquaBox® provides added economic growth in both the vase category and in associated flower category markets. AquaBox® is imaginative! AquaBox® is original! AquaBox® is innovative!

Market: The $31.3 Billion floral industry is a consumer driven market. By evaluating the buying habits of these consumers and purpose of these purchases, there exists a need for a safe, colorful, vase (transport and delivery method) that can be personalized and to package flowers with gift wrap option. The “new” vase must have style, caché in a form that also has good technique, performance and is a complete system. This need goes unfulfilled in the marketplace until now with AquaBox®. Our market research has shown that floral consumers want a safe method to deliver the birthday or getwell flowers that is acceptable in all environments and for all people.

Store Value: Is there a vase that can clearly and boldly pronounce the brand? AquaBox® can be printed for the store or brand logo to identify the origin of the flowers. This is quite a feat as the down turn in the market has many stores stamping their own brand of products to ensure the customers of their approved products. AquaBox® offers a very important option to brand vases, flowers, floral arrangements and floral designs by the opportunity of printing brand/logos directly on the (vase) packaging that will standout and last the life cycle of the flowers. Can you think of a better method for stores to commit to floral quality, selection and consumer confidence?

Consumer Value: Consumers want to feel they are being more thoughtful and earth friendly, purchasing items that are green, renewable, and recyclable; to purchase without the need of storage and without the lasting garbage on earth. Before we go further, please consider consumer households filled and over stuffed. One more item to store has a negative contemplation. The consumer then equates another glass or plastic vase with more stuff to store, hence changes their buying habit. Consumers demand a vase system that will add value, performance, convenience, fashion, style and be earth friendly. AquaBox® is all this, plus, stylish, colorful, safe, biodegradable and guilt free!

Earth Value: AquaBox® is a disposable vase, in answer to the need. All the while, AquaBox® is made of paper (a renewable source), safe (will not shatter) and will biodegrade back into the earth within a few months verses leaving decades of glass and plastic debris. AquaBox® is recyclable, disposable and green.

Result: The goal is to maximize the potential value and benefits of AquaBox®. The design has balance, desirability, feasability and value to meet the demand of good design. AquaBox® relates to individual’s social and economic considerations and the design has evidence to drive the consumer demand for convenience. AquaBox® is ART that meets the need, effectively.
I have re-designed the “vase”. AquaBox® is protected by US Patents and Registered Trademarks on the product name “AquaBox®”.

It is my goal to partner with like-minded companies and designers to bring about positive change in a stagnate industry. Through our combined efforts we can increase demand and sales in the floral industry. AquaBox® can revolutionize and modernize flower purchases all while being thoughtful towards the consumer, who will enjoy the convenience and beauty of “our” end product.

Look at the scope of good design: AquaBox® products have been engineered to meet the ever changing world, trends and aesthetics. This is not a shallow consumer good, but is a consumer item aimed at a specific “Modern and Youthful” market demographic. AquaBox® is a lasting creation that possesses value in the world all the while meeting the changing style, colors and trends of the floral consumer. Simply by producing trend meeting products, AquaBox® can consistently be a hip, chic and cool product to meet the developing demand of the consumer. Supply the consumer what they demand and you will find, AquaBox® will have ever-lasting market share.

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  1. Margaret John-Chandler, R.N. June 30, 2016 at 12:56 am - Reply

    These are the most beautiful, reusable, go green vases available here to use on every special occasion imaginable! You would be missing out on this great opportunity to bring a bouquet of sunshine into your home, business, church, or special sports events, or all holidays and seasons. Go green now and don’t forget to get your one of a kind 21st Century aqua box!! BTW- I am not showing partiality but I want the best product around and the CEO is a very classy lady with an eye for beautiful art work.

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